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Three years ago I made a photograph with the help of Nate King:

<Caspian 2010, photo by Ben Kuhns and Nate King.

Instrumental (mostly) rock outfit Caspian had taken us up on our offer of lodging during their 2010 coast to coast tour. In between beers and staring contests set to Bonnie Raitt, we took the opportunity to make some photographs in the cramped basement studio I called my own at the time. Years later those photos have been around the world, used in newspaper articles, music blogs, and tour posters; not bad for a project dreamed up and executed with almost no planning.

We recently got the opportunity to create new work when they stopped in Salt Lake City to promote their new album Waking Season. As is always the case, time with friends you rarely see never seems long enough. Trevor and I made the most of a few short hours producing an updated set of photographs for the band and a short video we are calling “…Reprise.” Caspian is on tour through the end of March, we highly recommend you see a show and grab a copy of Waking Season.

Caspian 2013




Caspian 2013


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